Technical Writing

Complex systems and processes written in plain English

Technical writing is a difficult field to navigate yourself, especially if you don’t have much experience with it. Making technical and complex systems approachable and easy to understand requires paying attention to the writing, the science, and the end user all at the same time. We have extensive background in writing technical manuals, detailed tutorials, and basic instructions for clients in healthcare, manufacturing, and education.

Our Technical Writing Services

We provide a number of different technical writing services, including user testing, demonstration technical writing, and trained technical writing.

User Testing includes us going through your current manual, tutorial, or instructions, providing suggestions for clarity. We will provide a marked-up hard copy of your current material along with a written statement or video documenting our process, frustrations, and pain points.

Technical Writing includes us watching you or a member of your team go through the steps on-site or online (if necessary). We will then write the content, collaborating with you and/or your team to make sure that the final document contains all necessary tips, tricks, and troubleshooting steps.

How Much Does Technical Writing Cost?

The cost of technical writing varies from project to project. User testing starts at $40 and varies depending on length and complexity of instructions being tested. Technical writing averages $40 per finished page when you provide pictures, diagrams, and screenshots. All technical writing projects include basic layout and design.


What are your technical writing needs?

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