Social Media Management

Full service and a la carte options for all networks

Social Media Management Across All Networks

You’re busy so let us take care of your social media. We provide a wide variety of social media management services including post writing, image editing, profile, page, or group creation, and complete social media management. We do offer multi-channel discounts and custom social media management options.

Facebook Page or Group Creation – $50*

We create your Facebook page or group from the ground up. We will design a cover photo and set everything up so that you can get started with your page or group.

Facebook Post Writing – $5 per post

We are pros at content writing. Let us write one Facebook post or as many as you need for the week, month, or year. Discounts available on bulk orders.

Facebook Image Creation/Editing –  $15 per image / $25 for two / $35 for three

If you don’t optimize your Facebook images, they won’t look good – leading to low conversions. Don’t have an image to use with your post? Adding one increases engagement dramatically. We will create one or many Facebook images for your account.

Facebook Page or Group Management – $150/month

We will manage your page or group. This includes writing and sourcing images for up to 10 posts per month, responding to comments, and relaying messages to you through your preferred channel.

* Free Facebook page or group creation with 3 months of management.

Pinterest Account Creation & Branding (10 boards) – $150*

Creating a Pinterest account is more in-depth than other social media profiles. We will write a keyword-optimized profile description and set up 10 boards with keyword-optimized descriptions and at least 10 relevant pins per board with optimized descriptions.

Pinterest Board Optimization – $15 per board

Your Pinterest board needs a beautiful cover and a well-written description. Let us do it for you so that you can increase your engagement.

Monthly Pinning – $15 + $0.40 per pin

Pinning is a time consuming process, especially if you are going to pin at optimal times. Let us handle the frustration and do your pinning for you. Each pin will include a well-written description to increase search engine results.

Pin Creation – $15 per image / $25 for two / $35 for three

Let us create a beautiful pin image to go with your blog post or article.

Pinterest Account Management – $150 (includes 100 monthly pins)

Our Pinterest account management service includes 100 monthly pins (additional pins can be added on at $0.40 per pin). We will also reply to messages and requests, follow relevant people, and create new boards as necessary to keep your account fresh and beautiful.

*Free Pinterest account creation & branding with 6 months of management OR 3 months of management + 200+ pins per month


Instagram Profile Creation – $50*

We will create your Instagram profile and upload your first 10 photos (you provide).

Instagram Post Writing – $10 per post

Your description matters because it’s how people find your images. Let us write the post for you and include relevant hashtags.

Instagram Image Creation/Editing –  $25 per image / $45 for two / $60 for three

Image reigns supreme on Instagram, and if you want to have an awesome account, you need awesome images. Let us take the photos for you.

Basic Instagram Profile Management (15 posts – you supply images) – $150/month

You’ve got plenty of images, but you don’t want to mess with another social media network. Give us up to 15 images per month, and we will post them to Instagram with well-crafted post descriptions and relevant hashtags. We will also respond to followers for you.

Complete Instagram Profile Management (15 posts – we supply images) – $275

Don’t have time to take the pictures either? Let us handle your entire Instagram profile, images included. We will post 15 original images with well-crafted post descriptions and relevant hashtags per month. We will also respond to followers for you.

* Free Instagram profile creation with 3 months of management (basic or complete).

Twitter Profile Creation – $50*

Let us create your Twitter profile, uploading your images, and following 20 relevant people for your industry.

Tweet Writing – $2 per post

Tweets are short, sweet, and surprisingly difficult to write. Let us write them for you, including relevant hashtags where possible.

Tweet Image Creation/Editing – $15 per image / $25 for two / $35 for three

Images enhance your tweets dramatically leading to increased engagement.

Twitter Profile Management – $150 per month

We’ll tweet, retweet, reply to messages, and manage your account. Your twitter profile management includes 3 text or link tweets per day.

*Free Twitter profile creation with 3 months of management.


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