Proofreading & Copy Editing

A teacher’s red pen – for grown-ups

We provide a variety of proofreading & copy editing services to fit your budget and project. You can choose from basic proofreading, comprehensive copy editing, or a combination of both.

Basic Proofreading

If your document is already polished, and you just need an extra set of eyes to save you the embarrassment of misspelled words and typos, basic proofreading is the best option. Basic proofreading includes editing your content for punctuation, grammar, and typos. Because it is less intensive than comprehensive copy editing, it is more affordable. Basic proofreading costs $2 per page.

Comprehensive Copy Editing

Sometimes you need more than basic proofreading; you need a harsh critic to tear your words apart, make suggestions, and help you put it all back together in a better format. Comprehensive copy editing is where we shine. We make suggestions about your flow, organization, word choice, character development, continuity, and more – all of which is provided in comprehensive notes (digital or written in legible handwriting depending on your preference). It’s the grown-up version of a teacher marking up your essay, and it’s the best way to work out the kinks in your draft. Comprehensive copy editing is $5 per page and is recommended for any work that is going to be published.

Proofreading & Copy Editing

Most people need both services, so we offer a discount of $6 per page for the full proofreading and copy editing experience. You send us your manuscript, and we will do the comprehensive copy editing. Then, you rewrite your piece (20 text message or email questions are included during your rewrite) and send it back to us for proofreading to make sure it’s perfectly polished and ready for publication.

Note: Page count is calculated based on double spaced 12 pt Times New Roman pages with 1 inch margins. If there are layout issues with your submitted document, you will need to change them and resubmit or we will charge $40 per hour of reformatting.


What are your proofreading & copy editing needs?

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